queen - the fairy feller's master stroke

Queen - fairy feller's

codice: 604

Tributo a "The fairy feller's master stroke" dei Queen.

codice: 604
larghezza (cm): 53
altezza (cm): 68
disponibile subito: no
valuta tempi: tempi di produzione
supporto: Vellum
materiali e strumenti: Inchiostro ferrogallico, Oro in conchiglia, Penna d'oca, Rosso vermiglione, Tecnica mista
in collaborazione con: Elisa Lo Presti
  • Decorazione :
    The Fairy Feller è un dipinto dell'artista inglese Richard Dadd, realizzato dal 1855 al 1864 durante la sua permanenza come detenuto nel manicomio criminale del Betlem Royal Hospital, nella decorazione di questa pergamena la pittrice Elisa Lo Presti ha replicato due delle figure presenti nell'opera dell'artista inglese: il re e la egina della fate.

He's a fairy feller
The fairy folk have gathered 'round the new moon shine
To see the feller crack a nut at night's noon time
To swing his axe he swears, as he climbs he dares
To deliver
The master stroke
Ploughman, "waggoner will" and types
Politician with senatorial pipe, he's a dilly-dally-o
Pedagogue squinting, wears a frown
And a satyr peers under lady's gown, dirty fellow
What a dirty laddio
Tatterdemalion and the junketer
There's a thief and a dragonfly trumpeter, he's my hero
Fairy dandy tickling the fancy of his lady friend
The nymph in yellow (can we see the master stroke)
What a quaere fellow
Soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor, ploughboy
Waiting to hear the sound
And the arch-magician presides
He is the leader
Oberon and Titania watched by a harridan
Mab is the queen and there's a good apothecary-man
Come to say hello
Fairy dandy tickling the fancy of his lady friend
The nymph in yellow
What a quaere fellow
The ostler stares with hands on his knees
Come on mister feller, crack it open if you please

Queen - The fairy feller's master stroke (Queen II, 1974)